A wide array of antipasto.

Wide array of antipasti.

Endless Antipasti Possibilities  

"Everything you could every want in one convenient location"

The diverse flavours of Antipasti have their origins in the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal and help set the scene and excite the taste buds for what lies ahead.

The modern-day contents of what can make up Antipasto are endless in possibilities and Manolas Brothers prides itself of providing the variety of products to satisfy any tastes and imagination. Likewise, the appeal of Antipasti is now used across any number of settings, from lunchtime picnics and casual gatherings to more formal dinners.

Whatever the occasion, we have everything you could every want in one convenient location and passionate, knowledgeable staff to help you create your next personalised Antipasti masterpiece.

From our extensive Fromage and Charcuterie sections to special touches such as olives, mushrooms and artichokes, we have all your Antipasti needs covered.